Southern California Cultures

Including the Chumash, Cahuilla (kuh•WEE•yuh), and Serrano peoples.
The Chumash lived on the coast along the Santa Barbara Channel. The Cahuilla settled in the Palm Springs area. The Serrano lived in the valley between the San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountains.
Also includes the Cupeño, Diegueño, Gabrieliño, Juaneño, Kamia, Kitanemuk, and Luiseño people.

Chumash Life

Chumash History

Chumash Indians

Cahuilla Indians and Other Native Cultures

Serrano Indians

General Kumeyaay Information (Diegueñ

A Kids Guide to the Kumeyaay

Kumeyaay History (Diegueñ

San Diego History (Diegueño)

Tongva Medicinal Plants

Wikipedia list of California tribes

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